from Prisons to Boardrooms

10 lessons offer a unique step-by-step masterclass in heart-based leadership. Fact is - we are all leaders in one sphere of life or another - whether it's business, parenting or self-mastery. Leadership without heart is no longer an option for ourselves or the planet. Learn how to challenge the status quo and skillfully, heartfully attune to become an extraordinary leader in extraordinary times.
Build your capacity for inspirational leadership, improve your decision making, create inclusive, playful and cohesive environments....

eBook Launch July 20th (recording below)

All proceeds goes towards The SmilingOne Foundation's work in South African Prisons.

about the author

Karina Andersen found herself in an unlikely situation in 2006 after landing in South Africa with two children on her own, and thus began a remarkable journey that launched her unique brand of heart-based leadership, discovered through her own path, her own journey and an immersion into life in South Africa, the prison system, and corporate life.

She has sat in hundreds of circles across diverse environments and called to serve within senior corporate leadership levels.Her heart-based leadership approach is what the planet needs right now and is deeply sought after as we move from the chaos of the pandemic into new visions, enabled through a softening of the species.

Join Karina as she takes a deep dive into 10 Leadership Lessons, not as a study but as an opportunity for you to grow your own next step on your path to become a caring leader.
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3 Invitations "Touchstones"

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A life-long Apprenticeship

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will you launch the first wave in your environment AND ...


Change requires champions!

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