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This is the privacy policy of both our registered entities:
SmilingOne PTY Ltd & The SmilingOne Foundation (NPO)

Postal Address:
PO Box 31153, Tokai 7966, Cape Town

(herein referred to as “THE COMPANY”) 
SmilingOne is the home of the Circles of Change™ Academy and our team of coaches & change agents.

THE COMPANY, its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively “THE COMPANY”, “us”, “we”) understand the value of your personal information and the importance of protecting any and all personal information gathered by THE COMPANY.

This document describes how THE COMPANY collects and uses your personal information, who we share it with and your choices and rights with regards to your personal information.

The above mentioned applies to any information we collect from you in person or from a digital environment during any interaction, including our website, social media sites or mobile services, in writing or orally, and for any valid or lawful reason.

THE COMPANY adheres to the 8 conditions within the POPI Act for lawful processing:

  1. Accountability - The responsible party must ensure compliance with the POPI Act
  2. Lawfulness - The collection of personal information must not be excessive, it must be legally justifiable, and it must not be collected from third parties without good reason
  3. Purpose limitation - Personal information must only be collected in connection with a specific purpose and must not be stored for longer than necessary