Karina Andersen

Founder of SmilingOne 
Executive & Depth Coach
COC Educator & Trainer
COC Co-Creative Director
SOF Board Member

Karina founded SmilingOne in 2005, three years into her healing journey after loosing her partner and the father of her kids in a car accident in May 2002.

It became the birthing place for what we today know as TRI & COC. In this incredible Garden of Awakening™ she authored the book and Depth Coaching methodology The Responsible Individual™ (TRI) and founded the Circles of Change™ (COC) Academy.

So many lives have been touched in so many different places - from maximum prisons to the boardrooms. Hand in hand with her SmilingOne Team, she is on a mission of activating South Africa's full potential. The online academy is an important step in this vision. It has always been Karina's dream to bring the teachings to a broader audience - both in South Africa and to a global audience - sharing SmilingOne's unique recipe and shaping a global village of Coaches, Entrepreneurs & Change Agents. 

The Circles of Change™ Academy services both business & private clients as well as clients who are beneficiaries in The SmilingOne Foundation (SOF): Schools, Prisons & high risk communities. We donate 20% of all income in the Partners of Education portfolio as well as on any medium to big business contract to SOF which enables us to educate more Change Agents. Help us unlock and activate South Africa's full potential.