“My journey with Karina was one of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had. Where I judged myself, she showed compassion. Where I brought shame, she brought curiosity. All of this led to a new life for myself and a new foundation for me…one that is much more empowered and true. I would recommend Karina to anyone who is ready to make a change in their lives. She creates the container and space for true magic!”

"You remind me of a lighthouse, facilitating from the shore while each ship must be self captained. You share the light, by example… so we can sail the sea. The greatest teachers I have been met by have always taught from a place that they want to learn themselves; they want to write what they want to know. That is what you do. You arrive by example and you are always self-reflecting as a student, as a student/master. You share in a way that makes everyone equal in whatever room you sit in. Your tools - I can’t speak about it enough - the book you are soon publishing, really speaks about independence, competency, self-reliance, and self-authorship. Whatever self-help stands for... You stand for self-power."

"I don't know what kind of planet you come from. You are like a submarine. You work under water. You are a seed underground. Look at me - these are the fruits! My family only see these leaves, they don't know where they come from. You are a beautiful soul. You have given us hope where we were hopeless. My family now rely on me, count on me. Because of your patience, your dedication, your warm love. You give it all. I'm really grateful for your existence in this life."
Hi, I am Karina

Originally from Denmark, the proud mother of two gorgeous young adults Daniel (27) and Nathalie (24) - two of my greatest teachers - and a deeply committed Apprentice of Love, Life & Leadership.

I have a huge appetite for learning and cracking codes. As a shareholder in the well-being of our collective, I help my clients tackle their disengagement from self and others.

My speciality is to SHIFT stuck places 
"Re-ignite, re-engage, re-connect to self, purpose and the special part you play in the bigger picture."

I draw on 30+ years experience as a Female Entrepreneur and Woman in Leadership, an Intuitive Depth Coach and Travel Companion ... a Change Specialist. I am deeply passionate about people and unlocking, unknotting, and unleashing their potential. 
Over the past 16+ years, I have gained invaluable experience supporting shifts in highly diverse environments in South Africa, from prisons to boardrooms, at both the micro (people) and macro (culture) level ... and have experienced the most profound awakening.

It is essential that we explore the Human Quest in-depth - inner workings, prison breaks, paradigm shifts - in order to awaken to The Quest for our shared humanity. And it is indeed A QUEST... given that we are not doing too well!

I invite my clients to engage in a brutally honest growth conversation. We explore THE SHIFT needed to move their leadership to the next level of impact and own their share in the collective wellbeing. I work with Management and Senior Levels of Leadership as a Business Coach & Partner in Optimal Performance (ME|WE). I build bridges between Personal Strategy and Business Strategy. I also work with Individuals, families and teams. I educate Optimal Performance (ME|WE) Coaches and Change Agents.

My heart-based leadership approach is powered by the spirit of UBUNTU ... Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu: "I am because you are."

If you are not well… WE IS NOT WELL
(hearts beating as ONE)

Ever since I arrived in this beautiful land, South Africa, I have felt its heartbeat, wishing to align my own with hers. And as RUMI rightly said, I felt this strange pull towards what I truly love. It has not led me astray... it has brought me home in my Servant Heart.

I am the Founder of SmilingOne and Circles of Change Academy, a dedicated custodian of The Responsible Individual (TRI) Depth Coaching Method. In 2008, I published The Responsible Individual, followed by my Growth Igniter: 10 Leadership Lessons - from Prisons to Boardrooms in 2022. My third book is in writing (I plan to publish beginning of 2024).

My team and I are here to support YOUR GROWTH PATH whether you lead small teams, big teams, your family  or just your own life.