Franklin Esau

SmilingOne Change Agent
Responsibility Master Coach
Chair Change Agent Committee
COC Co-Creative Director
SOF Board Member

Franklin has trained with SmilingOne and Karina since 2009. He met COC Education inside Brandvlei Prison and committed himself to a life-changing journey.
Franklin is deeply loyal to the cause and plays an important role in all projects of SmilingOne's NPO Initiative - both strategically and operationally. He loves to be hands on in the field, to feel the projects and to support fellow Change Agents in project delivery. He is an incredible coach & mentor to his peers - a Change Agent ExtraordinaireFranklin brings his experience and unique lens into strategic meetings with his fellow SOF Board Members.

Franklin is a treasured co-pilot in the Circles of Change™ Academy where he weaves magic hand in hand with Karina & the team. His special energy is woven into several programs offered in the Partners in Education portfolio. From 2021 he facilitates several of our TRI AWAKEN programs to teachers, students and parents. 

WATCH THE SPACE - it keeps evolving!

The Circles of Change™ Academy services both business & private clients as well as clients who are beneficiaries in The SmilingOne Foundation (SOF): Schools, Prisons & high risk communities. We donate 20% of all income in the Partners of Education portfolio as well as on any medium to big business contract to SOF which enables us to educate more Change Agents. Help us unlock and activate South Africa's full potential.

If you are curious to understand a bit more about SmilingOne's History you are welcome to visit the SmilingOne Museum.