A W A K E N E D   L E A D E R S H I P   P A T H 
  ( T H E   I N I T I A T I O N )

Hijacked by Self destructive patterns?

Struggling with Self Image?

Are you tired of the Self Harm & Self Neglect taking place? 


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JUNE 2022



28 days in Residence w. Karina. Online access & support

28 days of challenging
Self destructive behaviours

28 days of Self Care GYM - from 'chore' to joyful nourishment

28 days of reengineering relationship w. body & mind



The quality of care and attention is so tangible. You have a quality that disarms so much reluctance and resistance. You remind me of a lighthouse, facilitating from the shore while each ship must be self captained. You share the light, by example… so we can sail the sea. The greatest teachers I have been met by have always taught from a place that they want to learn themselves; they want to write what they want to know. That is what you do. You arrive by example and you are always self-reflecting as a student, as a student/master. You share in a way that makes everyone equal in whatever room you sit in. Your tools - I can’t speak about it enough - the book you are soon publishing, really speaks about independence, competency, self-reliance, and self-authorship. Whatever self-help stands for... You stand for self-power.

Jessica Sutton (May 2021)
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It was extremely useful, exciting and very interesting. I got all the tools to go deep, to understand myself, people and situations I find myself in - to better manage it - and to nurture my own process. It is a powerful course which brought everything together in a structured and very simple process. It is logical, easy in its application and very well explained. I have learnt about the areas that needed more work in my life and the strength and resilience that is already within me which can be leveraged. I have learnt to take charge of my inner orchestra - to be the conductor. 

Amanda Kropman (Jan 2021)
The warm and friendly environment provided in the course is a safe space to learn in. In the guidance offered - Karina shows up as a Student herself - allowing for everyone to meet in that space of learning and being vulnerable amongst each other. 

Bradly Hess (Jan 2021) 
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Karina is a professional person who is  doing this work from her experiences and then helping and reaching others come out of dark places and to accept himself/herself with all faults or flaws. She is someone who understand pain first hand and challenges and who encourages others to tap into the beauty of their very existence. It is a journey of self and becoming a leader in the gentlest of way. 

Yasminder Verdi (Mar 2021)         
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It's been such a gift to be part of this bootcamp. I am really impressed of this approach and how practical it is. The course has made me confident that I can improve and have taught me how to practice to become the best version of myself. I have told friends and family about the course and have encouraged a few to try it. I believe that depth coaching will benefit most people. 

Anja Mortensen (Mar 2021) 
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Karina is an amazing and authentic facilitator. Loving and caring, but also "laser sharp". I loved the live sessions. 

Karina you are the most inspiring and authentic coach I have met. I have been really impressed by how "deep" an online bootcamp can go. And how you held the space for us- with all our different stories and issues. 

Cammilla Noomi (Mar 2021
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It was beyond my expectations. I was so comfortable and at ease. Not once  did I feel judged even in my most vulnerable state.  I always thought that putting myself first was selfish but during this journey I realized to be able to be a helping hand you have to help yourself first. Karina made me question and think about a lot of things and she always made me feel valued.

I matter, my opinion matter. This is what this course made me realize. My intentions are a lot clearer and I am starting to focus on me and voicing my opinion more. The teaching has come alive in a big way in my life. I am more disciplined, I practice what I've learnt and I can see a lot more calm in my environment.

Alicia Warren (Mar 2021) 
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I have broken through the bias around morning meditations and have learnt to tap into this incredibly powerful tool of pausing, breathing and resetting myself. I have become more intentional, learnt better prioritisation and to become less reactive. In the month of December I lost my job yet responded to the event very differently than I would have done in the past. I tribute this to the course. I feel equipped to tackle some of the heavier stuff that I know I still have to resolve.

Karl Green (Jan 2021) 
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What's included?

The first important steps towards developing an Awakened Leadership Toolkit where you partner with your body & mind - this will give space for your soul to fully express and for purpose to reveal itself