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I have been celebrating all week. Words can hardly express the incredible JOY in my heart and the Gratitude that vibrates in my being. The best way I know to give thanks is to live a life that is in honoring of the gift South Africa has given me and my beautiful children. It is a gift that I do not take for granted - the more I awaken the more I understand its significance. As South Africa welcomed me home 14 years ago I had no idea what this meant - I could just feel something was different. This longing I had had, the restlessness I had experienced for such a long time, it shifted. I felt a grounding. A sense of belonging. I just knew this is where I was meant to be. I could hear my calling - purpose whispering in my ear.

I absolutely love the many puzzle pieces of The Journey. It is special to look back and feel this renewed appreciation - deeply connecting to the incredible contribution each one made to my Awakened Leadership Journey. 


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I speak about this incredible challenge with a purpose in last week's Wednesday Insight: GRATITUDE - with big emphasis on not falling into the trap of The Victim Mindset.

In November 2006 I was catapulted into my SA Entrepreneurial Journey. Nothing had ever challenged 'the old script' like this. It is exactly what I needed! Deep Gratitude!
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A close partnership with the Department of Correctional Services (since 2008) -  What a privilege it has been to create an enabling training platform for personal values-based leadership development within 8 correctional centres across WC. TRI expanded to a full Circles of Change™ (COC) Approach within the first 5 years of operation and the product: THE CHANGE AGENT came alive, right here. Deep Gratitude!
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A 10-year journey towards Permanent Residency (2006 - 2016) supported by several special recommendations from the Department of Trade & Industry.

Deep Gratitude for your trust, in me and my service.

A profound classroom to learn Collaboration Mastery and that achievement is a joint venture!
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A call to adventure! I was invited to co-create magic on the corporate playing field from 2012 - 2020.

What an incredible privilege to be invited into the heart of a business, to massage its soul and to experience such profound growth and expansion in my Awakened Leadership Toolkit. The Journey with Executive & Teams has taken my Entrepreneurial Skillset to a whole new level. Deep Gratitude!
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All those who have tested me, who have challenged me, who have provided classroom upon classroom for my growth, I deeply honor you. It is in those spaces that I have been cracked upon to so much more of my potential. I could not have done it without you. You have been plenty -  and I know there are still more to come as I am not done learning. I continue to bow deeply and submit to each moment, each teaching.
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It has been such a privilege to walk this journey with you!
Thank you for having the courage to activate your COC Change Engine and become full-time Students of TRI, yourself and your purpose.

Thousands of candidates have been exposed to COC Education since 2008. Together we have elevated TRI & COC and taken SmilingOne to the next level! I could not have done it without you! Deep Gratitude!
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None of this would have been possible without the incredible support and unconditional love of my gorgeous children Daniel and Nathalie. We have walked this journey together, hand in hand, through mountains high and valleys low. Our toolkits have been forged in the fire of this journey! It has shaped us in the most incredible way. We are better human beings because of it. Deep Gratitude for the blessing of being your Student Mom. 
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The kindest person I know on this planet, the most inspiring dedicated to his calling creative humble man I have ever met. Deep Gratitude for the different seasons: Friendship, client/therapist-ship, partner-ship which has revealed a profound soul / kin-ship. You are a safe haven - I have become so much more honest and naked* in being me, in remembering who I am. Such a privilege to share my journey with you.